an adjective to tell a story.

To picture the distinctive feature of a company.

excellence bovone

The Elettromeccanica Bovone. Excellence as a daily spur to work, standard to be maintained, professional belief in the name of quality. High quality production standard in manufacturing glass machinery since 1954.
The Bovone ‘Made in Italy’ is special. Creativity, taste and flexibility typical Italian features are mixed into the reliability, the rigour and the tradition of Bovone DNA. An exclusive and winning combination to build a complete and unchallengeable knowledge.
The made in Italy becomes made in excellence.

60 anni Bovone
Bovone tradition not to be intended as an old feature, but as a positive able to make the difference, to boost customers’ confidence and guarantee them a prompt customer service that will solve the different issues of the glass world.
Edgers, bevellers, washers, laminating glass lines and silvering lines: all the excellent solutions by Bovone. Bovone a history of excellence in continuous becoming.