Bovone responds to the needs of the North American market by proposing itself, for over 45 years, as a technological partner of excellence for the second glass and stone processing industry: the opening and start up in 2020 of the new branch consolidates its direct presence and is oriented to feed and strengthen this role of reference.

The new headquarter in Reidsville, North Carolina is logistically strategically positioned due to its proximity to the highway network and a major airport hub. The space houses commercial offices, spare parts warehouse and the mechanical workshop equipped for refitting interventions.

At the head of the branch is Doug Mangus, General Manager of great experience: Doug, with a curriculum of over thirty years in the industry, works to consolidate and further develop the position of Bovone within a highly strategic market for the company.

The branch guarantees faster responses and an even more efficient sales support service to a market that has always been very receptive and attentive to Made in Italy technologies.



  • Sales Support and Technical-Commercial Consultancy
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    The US branch plays the role of technical commercial center and responds to the requests of Bovone’s American and Canadian customers by presiding over the North American market. The back office, in support of the technical sales force, helps to streamline the administrative aspects of the customer-supplier relationship.

  • After Sales Service
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    A highly qualified technical team with proven experience guarantees prompt and effective answers in the stages following the sale and installation of the machine. The Ovada headquarters provides the American team with all the training and support necessary to enable them to provide certified and top-level technical assistance. Attention to after-sales service is one of the pillars of Bovone excellence and the branch becomes an ambassador of this excellence on the American market.

    The wide availability of stock feeds the efficient supply service for spare parts and consumables.

  • Training
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    The on-site availability of Bovone machines allows North American customers to train their operators, reducing the time needed to bring the machine up to full efficiency.


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2018 Barnes Street, Reidsville,
NC 27320 Reidsville

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Ph: 001-336-637-8226

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