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Bovone’s range of BWM horizontal washing machines and BVR vertical washing machines are made entirely of stainless steel and enable washing and drying with great results of glass slabs of all types and sizes, even the largest ones intended for different applications in construction.

Sturdy, solid, reliable and high-performance machines for optimal washing and drying. The design, guided by scrupulous attention to the real needs of customers, has conceived machines that are highly modular and configurable in the number of brushes and air knives. Bovone’s horizontal and vertical washing machines are designed and built in a modular way, in fact, enabling the customer to start from a basic configuration and add new modules and options only later and according to the real needs of the moment. A Bovone washing machine grows as production grows.

These machines are very easy to use: Bovone washing machines are equipped with a highly intuitive HMI through which the operator can manage the different processing parameters in a few simple settings. In maintenance operations, too, the greatest possible simplicity has been sought: the couplings in the tubes, for example, are designed and constructed in such a way as to make any unhooking and fittings quick and easy.

One of the distinguishing features of the Bovone range of washing machines is their noiselessness during processing: the blades of the air knives have, in fact, a geometry studied with a view to optimizing aerodynamics so as to improve the escape of air and thus obtain a drastic reduction in the noise generated.

All of Bovone’s horizontal and vertical washing machines are easily integrated into any type of flat glass processing line.


Bovone’s BVR vertical washing machines are made entirely of stainless steel. They wash and dry slabs with thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm and heights up to 3,300 mm. The front case is movable to accommodate different glass thicknesses.

Slab washing is divided into the steps of prewashing, washing – performed with pairs of cylindrical brushes – and rinsing with a pair of dedicated ramps. All ramps are removable and equipped with quick-lock type nozzles to facilitate maintenance operations. The inner sectors of the cylindrical brushes are designed and constructed to minimize passages, thus avoiding contamination. The design and construction of the cold water tank – which is also made entirely of stainless steel – are geared toward ease of maintenance.

Drying is done by a pair of diagonally inclined air knives powered by a soundproof fan equipped with filters and adjustable distributor. The air knives are made of thick steel with the lips machined to reduce noise and increase performance: the sound pressure level within 82 dB.

The washing machine is equipped with an operator panel through which to manage the different processing parameters: the electromechanical components are of the highest quality.

All Bovone’s vertical washing machines for flat glass easily integrate with other machinery within modular lines. For example, Bovone’s new laminating line includes the use of the vertical washing machine so as to optimize space also thanks to the slab loading/unloading system developed vertically. The lifting carriage in charge of picking up slabs from Bovone’s vertical washing machine allows loading and unloading by tilting the slab by picking it up vertically and depositing it horizontally on the assembly table.

Bovone’s BVR vertical washing machines can be equipped with some optional extras such as a hot water tank equipped with an electric armored heating element and an insulating cover panel, and inspection lamps placed on the outlet conveyor to check the properties of the glass at the outlet.


The washing and drying performance of Bovone’s horizontal washing machines is also top class by virtue of their customization potential, which provides customers with a technology perfectly tailored to their actual production needs.

Reduced maintenance thanks to the reliability of materials and components: productivity, a central objective for all Bovone’s dedicated flat glass technologies, passes through performance, but also through the great reliability guaranteed over time that makes the customer safe from possible machine downtime. In this sense, Bovone’s horizontal washing machines are built to make routine and extraordinary maintenance operations as easy as possible.

The reliability of these machines is linked to the quality of construction, a trademark of Bovone production. Raw materials – these are machines built entirely of stainless steel – and the best components are the custodians of this reliability and contribute, along with factors such as customization, to guarantee great washing and drying performance.

The washing section of Bovone’s horizontal washing machines consists of a heavy-gauge stainless steel supporting structure. The frames and all components in direct contact with water – collection trays, recovery tanks and casings – are made of stainless steel. The water recirculation tanks are equipped with wheels and are placed under the machine so they do not generate clutter and can be quickly removed for cleaning operations. Piping is cam-mounted quick-connect for optimal sealing over time. The sprinkling ramps are easily removable thanks to the Quick Lock locking system. The conveying rollers, mounted on watertight, cast-iron bearings, are made of steel and coated with stain-resistant rubber. Motorized top locking rollers prevent the slab from moving during processing.

In the drying section, on the other hand, we find the fan, equipped with an automatic shut-off valve that opens only when the slab passes under the blowers. This reduces noise, power consumption and clogging of filters. In addition, if the slab stops under the showerheads, the valve closes so as not to foul the slab. Also in this section, all components in direct contact with water are made of stainless steel.

Ease of maintenance and use, high and constant levels of productivity, great reliability thanks to the raw materials and construction solutions, reduced noise with the innovative solutions, modularity and configurability to adapt to the real needs of the customer: these are the characteristics of Bovone’s horizontal and vertical washing machines.

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