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macchina lucidatrice per la pietra Stonedge 10

In the increasingly competitive world of stone processing, innovation and efficiency are key: Bovone dedicates a wide range of machines to the stone industry where the Stonedge 10 polishing machine for stone is designed and built in line with the very high construction standards by which the company has established itself in the glass processing industry for 70 years. Bovone’s expertise and know-how in building edge processing technologies make their edging machines true benchmarks in the industry, with innovative construction solutions and top-quality materials. Bovone’s range guarantees perfect finishes and continuous high speed, ensuring very high and constant productivity. Stonedge 10 performs flat edge and arrises processing with great results in terms of polishing and finishing stone.

Superior quality with the Stonedge 10 polishing machine for marble and granite

Stonedge 10, a 10-wheel polishing machine for stone, raises the quality of edge polishing to new standards. The choice of high quality raw materials, especially the cast iron base distinctive to Bovone machines, ensures edge processing of unparalleled precision. This sturdy base eliminates any twisting effect, ensuring absolute precision in edging, polishing and finishing stone.

Reliability and precision: the Bovone promise

Thanks to careful engineering design and total control over the construction process, Stonedge 10 is not only a top-quality polishing machine for granite or marble, but also a safe and lasting investment.

The machine is ideal for sample making, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

Simplified maintenance and reliability over time

Another crucial aspect of the Stonedge 10 is its ease of maintenance. This feature, which is essential for a stone polishing machine, ensures trouble-free operation and a long service life, allowing operators to focus on the quality of work rather than machine maintenance.

Stonedge 10 Highlights

  • High quality of polishing and finishing stone
  • The ideal machine for sample making
  • Reliability and precision of processing
  • Containment of operating costs
  • Robustness of the machine and components to guarantee high precision over time

Italian Innovation and Tradition

A Bovone polishing and finishing stone machine combines excellent build quality with Italian tradition, resulting in unparalleled reliability. The cast iron base, unique on the market, together with the special engineering of the front and rear tracks, offers unmatched gripping power per meter.

Innovation and Support

At Bovone, the commitment to creating high-quality machinery parallels that of the company’s team in ensuring premium after-sales service and support for its customers. Every polishing machine for stone that leaves the Ovada facilities is the result of years of experience, innovation and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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