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The process of affirmation of 4.0 technologies on the current industrial scenario, strongly characterized by high levels of automation, by the digitization of processes and by the development of remote activities in the field of sales support services, saw a significant acceleration in 2020 .

Also thanks to the forced distancing, following the spread of Covid-19 globally, today remote support activities are a fundamental strategic tool to guarantee the productivity of the plants at its customers.

Industry 4.0, digitalization of processes, remote assistance: the levers of Bovone Group to enhance the business of its customers.

Bovone Group, confirming its role as a technological leader in the panorama of solutions for the processing of flat glass, natural and synthetic stone, has recently perfected the market launch of Bovone Virtual Assistant BVA, a virtual assistant that accompanies the machines and systems for flat glass processing and stone sold. BVA provides the customer with an interactive, easy-to-use tool to guide him through initial operations and put him in a position to immediately optimize the investment, but not only. An advantageous tool for both sides of the business relationship. With BVA, everyone wins: the customer reduces machine start-up times and, in case of breakdown, machine downtime.

BVA, remote assistance for flat glass and stone processing machines.

The utility of BVA goes beyond assistance for the first start-up of the machine: the Augmented Reality of the application guides the operator in routine maintenance activities and proves to be very useful, in synergy with the optional Remote Assistance package, also in cases of extraordinary maintenance. Thanks to the ability to connect to the network, through a protected ethernet connection, the Bovone technicians will be able to communicate with the machines for processing glass, marble and granite, accessing data, diagnosing and helping the customer in solving the problem. All remotely.

The purchase of technologies on the international market involves complex management of maintenance times and costs: it is therefore evident that facilitating remote operations and enabling customers to appropriate a certain independence in machine management becomes a lever. highly strategic for the success of the sale itself and in general to foster a customer experience in line with Bovone’s standards of excellence. The customer will feel competent and, at the same time, will clearly perceive the proximity of the supplier.

The strengths of this new technology immediately translate into concrete advantages:

  • with a simple click, BVA will make available to the customer all the technical information relating to the purchased machine: the DB of this application contains, in fact, all the technical documentation relating to the Bovone technology. Instead of spending valuable time searching for user manuals, instructions, diagrams in an assortment of outdated software, databases, activity logs and classifiers, technicians will have instant access to all information through a simple online search operation. Early results suggest augmented reality can reduce this time tenfold.
  • the extensive catalog of information is expertly organized and made accessible through specific points of interest: real-time data from PLC, documents, images, web pages, notes, labels. This real capital of information just a click away allows the customer to implement a real virtuous process of predictive maintenance: the ease of monitoring with constant inflow of data in real time allows you to manage and schedule maintenance interventions predictors that can avoid downtime, which can also be very costly for the company.


These advantages for the customer do not provide for any physical presence of the supplier: BVA, in synergy with the highly specialized staff dedicated to Service, opens the doors to an additional wealth of competitive advantages that the company makes available to its customers. Not only technological innovation, but extreme care and constant supervision of the relationship with the customer: discover the DNA of Bovone Group.

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