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Bovone has always been synonymous with excellence and quality that lasts over time: maintaining this reputation is the main goal of all the workers of the company.

Bovone s.r.l. is today a reality present all over the world where it operates through qualified agents who often also provide technical assistance and ensure a spare parts warehouse. Furthermore, the qualified Bovone technicians are always ready to visit the customer.


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Founded in 1954, the company is now at the third generation, continuing to reflect in its business the original principles, constant innovation and a deep belief in quality.

The founder of the company, Luigi Bovone, started with the galvanic copper plating process to protect the silver layer of the mirror, which was soon followed by continuous improvements up to the production of complete lines for the production of mirrors.


In 1974 Bovone introduced a revolutionary straight-line bevelling machine, capable of working at more than double the speed compared to the machines of the most aggressive competitors!

Today a similar beveller can work up to 10 m / minute, maintaining an unmatched record that has lasted for 25 years!

In the following years Bovone continued to expand its range, with straight-line edging machines and lines for the production of laminated and bulletproof glass.

The development of new machines proceeded in parallel with the development of the internal organization: in the year 2000, Bovone obtained ISO 9001 certification.

The key dates

  • 1954

    Bovone was established in Ovada, Italy, by Luigi Bovone.
    He started with the galvanic coppering process to protect the silver layer of mirror.

  • 1965

    Bovone was the first company to manufacture a mirror silvering line (MSL): since then, over 135 lines have been manufactured and installed worldwide.

  • 1974

    Bovone introduced a revolutionary straight line beveller, able to work at a speed twice higher than the machines of the most skilled competitors.

  • 1978

    Bovone enlarges its production, with a wide range of straight line edging machines. The Company is currently one of the world leaders for straight bevelling and edging machines: since 1974, more than 4500 machines have been sold.

  • 1980

    In the 1980s, Bovone presented its first line for glass lamination: it was one of the most precise and fastest in its sector. More than 100 laminated glass lines have been sold and installed since then.

  • 2002

    With the growing market and product range, Bovone moves its production and offices to a larger factory of 13,000 sqm always in the hometown of Ovada.

  • 2009

    The new subsidiary of Bovone in Brazil has been founded to cover the expanding South American market.

  • 2019

    Bovone North America is established in order to better assist one of the most important markets for the Company.

Bovone in numbers

Employees worldwide
Factory Sqm
Years of activity​ Family owned since 1954
Mirror Silvering Lines sold
Machines currently running in the world
Laminating lines sold


Bovone s.r.l. is strongly committed to safeguarding the safety and health of its staff, avoiding damage to property and preserving the environment.

The products and services of Bovone s.r.l. are designed to satisfy the customer’s requests and each one works to exceed the customer’s expectations.

In order to achieve these objectives, the company management has defined the following principles: Bovone s.r.l. develops and markets systems and machines for the second processing of flat glass and stones, which help the customer to increase the efficiency and quality of its processes and, at the same time, contribute to the improvement of safety and health and to the respect of environment.
Products and services are developed taking into account the safety and health of people, the protection of the environment and customer’s expectations. Bovone s.r.l. managers operate in compliance with this policy and with the laws and regulations in force.
They are committed to improving the health and safety at work of all personnel and to preserving the common goods, the environment and property from any possible negative effects of the company’s activities.
In addition, they motivate and involve their staff guiding them towards the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services, with the aim of achieving excellence in customer orientation.

The staff is aware of the importance of their work to safeguard safety, health, the environment and to ensure quality and is committed to achieving the objectives set out in this policy.
The working conditions and environment meet the safety and health protection requirements, always in line with the advancement of technological progress, in order to be able to carry out any activity without injuries, accidents or other health risk situations.

Installations are designed and operated to minimize any possible adverse effects. The safety aspects of installations are always considered in an appropriate manner. Suppliers are selected using evaluation criteria that include their attention to safety, environmental and quality issues, and thus operate in line with this policy.
Customers are provided with exhaustive and comprehensible information concerning the correct use of Bovone s.r.l.’s equipment, as well as with a personalized after-sales technical assistance service. Bovone s.r.l. is open to communication with personnel, customers, authorities and other companies operating in the vicinity of its sites, regarding the impact of its operations.

Bovone s.r.l. Ovada
Vittorio Bovone General director

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