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Bovone’s high specialization in the production of glass processing machines has enabled it to launch the Elb 9+2 glass edging polishing machine, an ambassador of a useful and appreciated technological innovation.

Elb 9+2 is, in fact, a glass edge grinding and polishing machine that allows glass grooving and arrises in a single pass at very high speed and quality, guaranteeing absolute repeatability of the process even on large batches.

This new machine comes to life from triangulation with Bovone’s R&D activities and emerging needs from the application worlds of architecture, interior design and home appliance.

The possibility of producing a complex profile on the glass edge in a single step – totally different from those that can be obtained with other straight-line edging machines – thanks to the automation of the Elb 9+2 glass edge grinding and polishing machine, represents a production upgrade that carries the company into an industrial dimension, optimizing its production and making the product more standardized and consistent in terms of quality and tolerance.

Some technical specifications of the machine that give an indication of the versatility and quality of Elb 9+2’s processing:

  • the machine processes slabs with thicknesses ranging from 2 to 30 mm and even minimal dimensions obviously depending on the depth of the groove to be made:
    • without groove up to 6mm
    • 40 x 40 with groove up to 6mm
    • 50 x 50 or 40 x 80 with a groove up to 19mm
    • 70 x 70 with a groove over 19mm
  • the depth and height of the groove can be adjusted by operating over a range of 0.02mm, thus allowing very fine and precise adjustment up to a maximum of 5mm in both axes.

A very useful function in the field of coupling between glasses or between glass and other materials is the possibility of adjusting or excluding – when sharp-angled sizing is desired – the grinding of the arrises.

The building features of the machine are typical of Bovone production with the sturdy cast iron base and high-end electronics. In addition, through a device supplied with the machine, the movement on the X and Y axes of the two spindles related to the sizing wheels is adjusted and the spindle height of the polishing wheels is adjusted so that their wear can be compensated automatically. This optimizes the life cycle of the grinding wheels and achieves consistent high quality throughout the batch.

The Elb 9+2 glass edging polishing machine can be integrated within Bovone’s BRS automated system, which ensures very high productivity and automation of the entire machining process, which is highly valued especially in the edging and polishing of large slabs.

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