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Bovone’s BVA, the virtual assistant that accompanies the machines and plants sold and installed by the company, brings the Glass Industry 4.0 paradigm inside the customer’s production flow by assisting and guiding them in the initial stages of machine installation, set-up and start-up, and assisting them throughout the machine’s life cycle.

The digitization of all information useful for the installation, start-up and tuning of the machine makes it possible to reduce the time and physiological costs of these phases, immediately optimizing the investment incurred for the purchase of the machine.

The organization and storage of technical information are oriented to the best possible user experience and enable the customer to easily solve any production problems and calibrate the different parameters of the machine to set it at its best right away. The DB, usable through an HMI distinguished by an interface, which is very intuitive and easy to use, is structured on specific areas of interest: the structure is functional to the usability of the contents and makes it easy to perform the predictive maintenance operations vital to shelter the customer from any costly downtime. In fact, the real-time data obtained from PLCs make it possible to manage and schedule predictive maintenance operations and to manage any interventions by Bovone’s service well in advance.

In fact, by integrating BVA with one of the optional Remote Assistance packages, Bovone’s excellent service will be immediately available to the customer remotely. With a secure, protected Ethernet connection, Bovone’s technical team will be able to interface with the machine, intervening and resolving any issues.

Within the new Glass Industry 4.0 therefore BVA turns out to be a key tool to connect Bovone technology with the customer’s production flow and allow him to better manage it.

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