Reliability, productivity and versatility in glass laminating processes

  • Automatic and semi-automatic lines to meet customer needs
  • Straight and U-shaped configurations to adapt and exploit spaces
  • Unwinding section and PVB magazine (STD 6 optional 8)
  • Glass and PVB panel with thickness up to 80 mm
  • Maximum processable width: 1600, 2250, 2600, 3300 mm
  • Maximum glass length: 3300, 4500, 5100, 6000 mm
  • Panel traceability

Totally customizable

Bovone’s complete plants for glass lamination are totally customizable and integrable according to the specific needs of the customer: all the construction details can be customized and calibrated to meet any specific requirement.

Affidabilità, produttività e versatilità nei processi di stratifica del vetro

they guarantee excellent performance both in the production of large numbers and for those where high flexibility is required between one batch and another.

with minimal maintenance, there are very few and short machine downtimes. They guarantee high precision and quality of the finished piece and, also by virtue of the high degree of automation, contribute to an increase in plant productivity. They can be integrated with robotic elements, configured in autonomous islands.


  • Very high levels of system customization thanks to the integrability of the modules
  • Versatility: excellent performance with both large numbers and small batch productions
  • Reliability: the construction and design qualities protect the plant from frequent machine downtime
  • Higher productivity also thanks to the important contribution in automation

HRC Oven

Hybrid oven by radiation and convection

  • Improved Temperature Homogeneity
  • Enhanced Maintainability
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Flexible Settings Management

HRC Oven

The new Bovone oven has been designed to meet the challenges that the multiple applications of laminated glass put before the operators.

The application sectors of construction, architecture, automotive and transport in general are constantly evolving in line with the trends of an increasingly complex and frenetic global market. Laminated glass is widely used in these sectors by virtue of its important functions in terms of safety and comfort – thanks to its high thermal and acoustic insulation capacity – as well as its non-negligible decorative potential.

With the new Bovone Hybrid technology, the hot air convection system frees itself from the use of lamps: the air, in fact, is heated by a resistance system inside the oven. The new furnace manages the materials by integrating two completely independent heating systems, which can be combined with each other depending on the needs. The two systems, in fact, can be managed in different ways: the control panel is very simple and intuitive and allows you to access a wide variety of settings – including the independent management of each single IR lamp – very easily, also guaranteeing less experienced operators excellent results right away.

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THREE GOOD REASONS for choosing Bovone Laminating lines



The Bovone laminate lines can be configured on different layouts suitable for the available work spaces, from the U-shaped position to the one developed completely in length.



The interchangeability of the integrated components allows you to purchase a highly customized product tailored to the specifications of each individual buyer.
A Bovone line grows with the user, who can integrate it with new modules (including robotic ones) and reconfigure it over time.



Ideal in the production of safety glass, both for interiors and exteriors, and can be used both on mass productions and of particular shape and quality.


The Bovone lines boast the same technological leadership as stand-alone machines: the excellence that distinguishes Bovone production, a leading Italian company that has developed progressive innovation since 1954 while maintaining a great industrial tradition.

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How to

The extreme integrability of the modular components makes Bovone systems highly customizable and configurable progressively, so that they can grow over time with the user.

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For What

The Bovone laminate lines, precisely by virtue of their high level of customization, are able to process any type and size of glass as well as manage different types of layering material, making these systems suitable for any type of processing.

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