Large numbers without sacrificing the quality of the bevel

The 2-series of Bovone beveling machines includes the two models 251 and 252 for those who do not want to compromise on quality. The right mix of investment, management and performance.

The 251 and 252 models of the Bovone range of beveling machines are able to combine a good quality of the finish of the bevel with the optimization of investment and process costs.They are the most popular models representing a balanced choice between the cost of purchase and operations and the productivity and quality of the processing they are able to supply.

Immediate productivity even for less experienced operators, thanks to the simplicity and intuitiveness of use.

Bovone’s design and construction capacity gives these machines a solidity that generates important advantages in terms of both finishing quality and productivity.

The absence of vibrations, thanks to the sturdiness of the cast iron base, guarantees a perfectly linear and polished bevel without scratches. Unlike welded sheet metal, with the cast iron base you are not subject to the risk of torsion of the machine axes.

This ability of Bovone is the result of a careful study and analysis of the needs coming from the markets: the 251 and 252 bevelers are designed for those glass shops that have to deal with productions characterized by high quality standards, always keeping under careful control the costs related to production: the perfect balance between wheel consumption and speed/quality of processing.

Technical features

400V 50Hz
2510,35 - 5,4-35 x 35
25 x 500
3÷2520KW 48A7750 x 1300 x 22004030
2520,35 - 5,4-50 x 503÷2522KW 52A7750 x 1300 x 22004030

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THREE GOOD REASONS for choosing Bovone bevellers



Relying on Bovone technology means securing the productivity of your company. Reliable machines and a prompt and qualified service are the cardinal points of the Made in Bovone offer.



Bovone’s technological solutions are the result of significant investments in research and development. Knowledge of the world of glass, in which the company has been operating since 1954, guides production choices to constantly align them with the trends of the reference markets.



Quality without compromise: only in this way can quality coexist with production speed to ensure excellent production performance and very high standards.


Bovone bevelers were born in 1974 and revolutionized the sector with their unmatched speed. The developments and upgrades of the following years have done nothing but confirm and updated an ingenious project, still unsurpassed.

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How to

The sturdy cast iron base and the entire construction project guarantee a solid product, with very rare downtime and reduced maintenance, ensuring first-rate finishes with higher productivity.

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For What

For the processing of the bevel, in particular on mirrors, the Bovone beveling machines are ideal, able to satisfy every need: up to the very small pieces they guarantee an impeccable finish

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