Productivity combines with versatility

Straight-line edgebander for the production of flat Wire that combines high production performance with marked versatility: the edger for flexible and demanding productions.

Operating at high speeds and being flexible on the quality levels of the finish: this is the goal we want to achieve with ELB 102.

The machine is equipped with an automatic wear recovery system of the polishing wheels in fifth and sixth position and the spindles themselves have an air adjustment system to compensate the wheel wear and increase their life cycle while maintaining performance practically unchanged.

This makes it easy for the operator to operate the machine, avoiding continuous adjustments that the machine makes directly.

Bovone has studied and tested three different wheel configurations, modulating two fundamental parameters:

  • the quality of the polishing
  • the life cycle of train of wheel


The 2 wheels dedicated exclusively to the polishing phase guarantee perfect flatness: an aspect that is fundamental for the perfect outcome when coupling the glasses.

By changing the wheel setup of the machine, alternating different setups of grinding wheels, it is possible to calibrate the production mode of the machine so as to meet the requirements of large quantities and at the same time raise the quality standards of finishing.

ELB 102 straight-line edgers work constantly at speeds over 2.5 meters/minute. The possibility to integrate ELB 102 in automatic robotic systems frees the production from the presence of operators, increasing the speed of the production cycle.

Bovone’s industrial capacity allows the company to have internal control of all production phases and to build robust, precise, high-performance and reliable machines.

The customization potential of ELB 102, finally, makes it possible to calibrate every solution according to the specific needs of each customer, from “micro” pieces with an extraordinary finish to large slabs for outdoor architecture.

Technical features

400V 50Hz
0.35 - 5.45-up to 6mm 40 x 40
up to19mm 50 x 50 - 40 x 80
above 19mm 70 x 70
2 - 30
(OPT. 50)
28kW 64A7850

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THREE GOOD REASONS to choose Bovone straight-line edging machines



Relying on Bovone technology means securing the productivity of your company. Reliable machines and a prompt and qualified service are the cardinal points of the Made in Bovone offer.



Bovone’s technological solutions are the result of significant investments in research and development. Knowledge of the world of glass, in which the company has been operating since 1954, guides production choices to constantly align them with the trends of the reference markets.



Quality without compromise: only in this way can quality coexist with production speed to guarantee excellent production performance and extremely high standards.


Bovone’s ELB series straight-line edging machines guarantee excellent performance: Bovone’s edge processing technologies integrate high and consistent quality finishes with high productivity.

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How to

The construction and design quality of the ELB series straight-line edging machines derives from the research and results achieved by Bovone in the production of beveling machines: a drastic increase in the performance delivered by the machines, a standard with which all players have had to deal.

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For What

For the processing of flat edge, miter and arrises: to be able to respond effectively to the varied demands of the target sectors, adding value to the production cycle and protecting margins.

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