1.6 - 2.3 - 2.6 - 2.85 - 3.3

Modular horizontal washing machines (useful widths 1600, 2300, 2600 and 3300 mm) designed taking into account the daily needs of industrial glass washing.

Bovone’s BWM series horizontal washing machines are designed and built both for stand-alone use and for integration into complete systems for flat glass processing used in the various fields of application and to contribute significantly to the productivity of the system of each type of customer.

The careful design and construction quality of Bovone’s BWM series washing machines guarantee top-level washing and drying performance. The range includes numerous models with a very high potential for customization, so that they can fit into the customer’s production cycle and meet the specific needs of the latter. They are designed in a modular way: this allows you to start from a basic configuration and implement the machine with the various options according to your needs. The implementation can also be carried out at a later date in order to adapt the machine to higher performance requirements.

The range of Bovone horizontal washing machines stands out for the great reliability guaranteed over time, transversal to the entire Bovone production. The primary objective of these machines is to achieve very high productivity in order to add value to the lines in which they are installed.

The construction quality declined on the raw materials used – the machines are entirely made of stainless steel – on the best components and on the highest level of customization guarantee high quality washing and drying. All transport rollers are mounted on watertight bearings, with cast iron support; they are made of steel and coated with stain-resistant rubber. The upper motorized locking rollers prevent the slab from moving during processing.

Bovone’s horizontal washing machines are highly integrable, easy to use and maintain.

The washing section consists of a thick stainless steel supporting structure. The frames and all components in direct contact with water, such as collection trays, recovery tanks and casings are made of stainless steel.

The water recirculation tanks are equipped with wheels and are placed under the machine so as not to cause any obstruction to the operator and can be quickly removed for cleaning operations; the pipes have a quick cam connection for optimal sealing over time; the suction ramps are easy to remove thanks to the ‘Quick Lock’ locking system.

In the drying section, the fan is equipped with an automatic shut-off valve that opens only when the slab passes under the air knives. This reduces noise, power consumption and clogging of the filters. In addition, if the slab stops under the air knoves, the valve closes so as not to dirty the slab. Also in this section all the components in direct contact with water are made of stainless steel.

The washing machine is controlled by a PLC and an operator panel that allow the operator to connect it with the other machines that make up the line.

Technical features

BMW 1.60,4÷12150 x 30016002÷2519÷272 - 32 - 3
BMW 2.30,4÷12250 x 39023003÷2521÷402 - 32 - 3
BMW 2.60,4÷12250 x 39026003÷2523÷432 - 32 - 3
BMW 2.850,4÷12250 x 47028503÷2525÷452 - 32 - 3
BMW 3.30,4÷12250 x 47033003÷2537÷602 - 32 - 3

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THREE GOOD REASONS for choosing Bovone washing machines



Bovone washing machines are characterized by their exceptional solidity and durability: features that make them a trusted choice for operators.



The extreme capacity for integration with other machines makes them particularly appreciated within modular lines.



Like all Bovone machines, finishing quality is a fixed and essential point.


Because relying on Bovone technology means equipping your production with a reliable machine that can guarantee excellent performance.

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How to

Thanks to the internal control of each production phase and the use of the best raw materials and components, the highest quality and production standards are achieved.

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For What

The vast configuration potential of Bovone washing machines makes them highly integrable within any application type of flat glass processing plant.

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