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Bovone’s new hybrid technology laminated glass oven currently and in anticipation of the coming years represents state-of-the-art equipment designed to provide maximum versatility during the glass lamination process.

The glass laminating oven uses hybrid technology that integrates two heating systems that are completely independent of each other: a convection oven for laminated glass that integrates the heating system with radiation lamps, making it a tool in line with new materials used in laminating processes.

Trends in contemporary architecture are moving toward the use of increasingly selective, fully reflective glass that provides excellent comfort due to its heat exchange capacity. This capacity is closely related to materials: for example, the materials used in lamination are increasingly dominated by Sentry over PVB.

In addition to being a glass laminating convection oven, Bovone’s new hybrid heating oven for laminated glass production represents a high-performance technological solution that can better manage different materials and their turnover in different production cycles through simple and fast switches.

A standard glass laminating convection oven of today uses lamp irradiation and then transports hot air into the oven: this technology is deficient today because the reflective capabilities of today’s laminated glass inhibit its performance by negatively affecting oven consumption.

Compared with a normal convection oven for laminated glass in Bovone’s hybrid technology laminated glass oven, the air convection system is autonomous from lamp radiation: in fact, the air can be heated by a heating element system inside the oven. The two air heating systems can be combined and operated in different modes depending on the type of glass sheet being processed. The oven is controlled through a very simple and intuitive HMI: setting up the oven is very easy and allows even less experienced operators to achieve excellent results.

The distinctive pluses of Bovone’s new hybrid laminated glass oven are:

  • the sophisticated heat distribution control system ensures greater uniformity of glass temperature with tolerances of very few degrees
  • the ability to manage individual IR lamps
  • the design and construction of the oven are designed to facilitate maintenance operations
  • the excellent build quality also ensures low energy consumption

The versatility of Bovone’s laminated glass oven comes in the form of a great advantage for the customer, who can in this way process different types of laminated glass with great levels of productivity, quality and moreover reducing energy consumption.

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