Robust 45° miter machine

The 45° edge grinding machine. The ideal machine for preparing edges that must be joined by gluing.

This machine is the indispensable tool for processing the 45° edge, functional for subsequent gluing:

ideal therefore for the construction of kitchen tops and for finishing the edge of splashbacks, skirting boards and pieces of minimum height – up to 30 mm.

Jolly 4 is a fast, reliable machine that guarantees maximum precision in 45° grinding. The design and construction of the machine are oriented towards maximum ease of use, sturdiness and reliability.

The machine works with 4 diamond wheels: the first three are in a fixed position (variable angle from 45° to 47°) for the inclined thread and the fourth peripherical wheel for the execution in a single pass of the flat edge or the edge radius.

Technical features

380V-400V 50Hz
0.35 - 5.4-45° - 47°up to 12 mm
30 x 350 1 edge 45°

40 x 350 2 edge 45°
from 12 mm to 20 mm
55x350 1 edge 45°

75 x 350 2 edge 45°
from 20 mm to 30 mm
55x350 1 edge 45°

90 x 350 2 edge 45°
3 - 3012 kW - 6,5A3195
1700825 ±20

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THREE GOOD REASONS for choosing Bovone straight-line grinding machines



Relying on Bovone technology means securing the productivity of your company. A company that has been developing and manufacturing technologies for edge processing for over sixty years. Reliable machines made to last longer than any other machine. A prompt and qualified service guarantees an after-sales service of the highest level. Both large companies and small workshops rely on Bovone.



The competence and the great know-how developed in the construction of technologies for edge processing make Bovone edging machines real technological reference points: innovative construction solutions, top quality materials used and important and continuous investments in research and development.



The entire range of Bovone edging machines guarantees perfect finishes, high and continuous speed for a very high and constant productivity.


Only Bovone machines can guarantee a truly lasting and safe investment over time because they join the excellence in building quality with all the Italian tradition of the brand resulting in unparalleled reliability.

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How to

The cast iron frame is a unique solution on the market, together with a specific engineering detail of the front and rear
tracks that allow an gripping force per meter unmatched by any competitor. Other cutting-edge engineering solutions allow to achieve the renowned mix of quality and durability of Bovone machines.

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For What

For everything! The Bovone line of machines is versatile and allows the processing of any type of edge, from the simple Jolly with fixed wheels to make 45° profiles to the more complex machines equipped with variable angle, rear calibration and edge radius, ideal for complex and precise machining especially for kitchen countertops.

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