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laminated glass production

In the world of architecture and automotive, the demand for high-performance solutions for laminated glass production is constantly increasing. Responding to these needs, Bovone stands out with its laminated glass production lines, automatic or semi-automatic, that integrate reliability, productivity, and high customization.

A Bovone laminated glass production line is a prime example of how advanced technology and customization combine to provide unique solutions in the laminated glass manufacturing process. These plants, appreciated globally for their high modularity, can be configured to precisely fit each customer’s specific needs, allowing progressive and customized integration of the laminated glass production line.


One of the most innovative aspects of Bovone’s lines is the use of hybrid convection furnaces. This state-of-the-art technology integrates two independent heating systems-forced hot air convection and radiation-that can be combined according to the specific needs of the laminating process. This allows production cycles to be optimized for different materials, providing maximum flexibility and minimizing energy waste, aligning with current environmental sustainability requirements.

The versatility of the plants also manifests itself in their ability to handle large-volume productions or to adapt quickly to more customized and niche productions.
The construction quality of the plants minimizes downtime and maintenance, further enhancing productivity and business continuity. This is critical for industries that require uncompromising reliability in the laminated glass manufacturing process.

Bovone plants can articulate the laminated glass manufacturing process through an in-line or U-shaped configuration where plant space requires it: precisely to optimize footprint, the compact laminated glass production line fits into very tight spaces. The vertical development of the loading and washing stations reduces the footprint while maintaining the performance of the plant. The lifting carriage picks up the sheets from the vertical washer, tilts the sheet and deposits it horizontally on the assembly table.

With more than 30 years of experience and a portfolio of plants installed all over the world, Bovone confirms its leadership and excellence in the field of laminated glass production, with plants that not only meet the highest quality standards but also keep pace with ongoing technological and market changes.

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