The reliability and performance of a Bovone system.

Bovone can boast a history of over seventy years in the glass silvering processes: since 1954 he sensed the need to develop an automatic system for the galvanic copper plating process to protect the silver layer of the mirror.Today, Bovone’s silver plating lines are at the top end of the international panorama of manufacturers. The glass sheet enters production and, in a fully automated manner, the mirror comes out. These large lines are customized according to specific customer requirements.

The lines are entirely assembled at the Ovada warehouse, they are tested, disassembled, shipped and reassembled at customer’s premises thanks to the professionalism and competence of a highly specialized team. Hardly a Bovone line stops: Bovone in the world is synonymous not only with excellence but also with reliability. If the customer needs a machine that works on three shifts, a Bovone line is the solution.

Bovone silvering lines are able to process glass up to 6 meters by 3.2 meters with the same identical quality.

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THREE GOOD REASONS for choosing Bovone silvering lines



The Bovone silvering lines are a jewel of modularity and component integration, for flexible and customized configurations.



No compromise on the finish of the piece, as always impeccable, without sacrificing a high and constant productivity over time.



Perfect for making flat mirrors, they are indispensable in the production of parabolic mirrors, “Concentrated Solar Panels”, both for concentrating solar power plants.


Bovone lines boast the same technological supremacy as the stand-alone machines: the excellence that distinguishes Bovone production, a leading Italian company that since 1954 has developed progressive innovation while maintaining a great industrial tradition.

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How to

The extreme integrability of modular components makes Bovone systems highly customizable and progressively configurable, so that they can grow over time with the user.

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For What

From the production of mirrors for furniture to parabolic mirrors for solar power plants, Bovone silvering lines are recognized as the undisputed leader in the market.

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