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Bovone Stonedge range is able to carry out any type of edge processing, from the simple Jolly with fixed wheels to make 45 ° profiles, to the more complex machines equipped with variable angle, rear grinding and edge radiusing, ideal for complex and precision machining especially kitchen countertops.

From the first cutting of the piece we pass directly to the edge processing at very high speed. Quality and productivity without compromise with Bovone edging machines: when they come out of the edger, the pieces are ready for the assembling step. They don’t need any further finishings or checks: that reduce costs and potential risks of compromise of the piece inherent in the movement from one area to another.
In reducing the risk of piece damage Bovone edging machines are particularly perfomant in 45° grinding, processing edges without splintering or breaking.

At Marmomac Bovone will exhibit the 45 ° profile edging machine Jolly 4.0 and the Stonedge 11/45.

JOLLY 4.0 edging machine for the 45 ° edge is the ideal machine for preparing edges to be joined by gluing (construction of boxed kitchen tops) and for finishing the edge of backsplashes, skirting boards and pieces of minimum height – up to 30 mm. Fast, reliable and able to guarantee maximum precision in 45 ° grinding. The design and construction of the machine are oriented towards maximum ease of use, robustness and reliability. The right balance between high productivity and containment of operating and investment costs.

Variable angle machining of flat edge and arrises. High precision, speed and versatility. The STONEDGE 11/45 model performs, in addition to straight edge processing, also literally perfect 45 ° cuts, ready to be coupled: finishing levels so precise that no subsequent manual processing is necessary. The quality of the cut exceeds the quality achieved by the other technologies used in the stone sector – warterjet and edge polishing – and a higher processing speed. Highly performing in the processing of ceramic agglomerates that reproduce natural stone.

Come and visit us in Hall 5 at our stand E5. Write here to get your free entrance ticket.

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