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Bovone’s Jolly 4.0 is the ideal straight grinding machines flat edge for 45° edge processing of ceramic, natural stone (marble, granite, quartz etc.) and engineered stone (dekton, laminam, cosentino etc.). It guarantees an excellent quality of finish by facilitating the gluing and coupling of the slabs and protecting the aesthetic appearance of the edge when it is in view.

In the case of box-shaped products with 90° angles, the flatness and polish of the 45° edge polishing is mandatory to facilitate edge gluing operations. In addition to processing workpieces for the construction of kitchen worktops and other box-shaped items made of ceramic or natural and engineered stone, Jolly 4.0 is particularly suitable for machining slabs characterized by minimal heights – up to 30 mm – such as splash backs and skirting boards.

Jolly 4.0 grinds the edge without chipping and without breakage. The precision and quality of the finish at the highest level allow the customer to bypass the grinding and inspection stages of the slabs, reducing production costs and the handling risks. The Jolly 4.0 can work at speeds ranging from 0.35 up to 5.4 meters per minute. The careful engineering of the front and rear tracks gives a grip capacity per meter that is unique on the market: the synergy with the sturdy cast iron base, which reduces vibrations during processing, creates the conditions for grinding precision of the highest level.

Speed, reliability, maximum grinding precision and ease of set-up combined with low operating and investment costs make the Jolly 4.0, the 45 ° profile grinding machine, the perfect machine for companies that want to increase their productivity: in a short time, even the least experienced operator will be able to operate and run the machine at full capacity. The design and construction of the machine under the banner of robustness and reliability, typical of the machines Made in Bovone, ensure that the machine is ready to tackle heavy duty cycles right from the start. The excellent after-sales service, then, protects the customer from drops in productivity and possible downtime: technical interventions and spare parts are, in fact, fast and efficient.

The Jolly 4.0 straight grinding machines flat edge processes the edge with 4 diamond grinding wheels, of which the first three fixed wheels – the angle varies from 45° to 47° – are dedicated to the inclined edge and the fourth peripherical wheel is for the arris, flat or rounded.

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