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Lavatrici verticali per il vetro

In the world of glass processing, Bovone’s vertical washing machines for flat glass represent a state-of-the-art solution that combines reliability, high quality washing and drying, with unique ease of integration and modularity. The models in the BVR range meet diverse needs and are able to improve the efficiency of glass processes.

High quality and reliability: the mark of Bovone

BVR series of vertical washing machines by Bovone is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and strength. They are capable of handling glass sheets of all types and sizes, even the largest ones used in construction, offering high-level washing and drying results.

The modularity and configurability of this range of machines are the result of careful design, which places the real needs of customers at the center.

Ease of use and simplified maintenance

Bovone washing machines also stand out for their ease of use. They feature intuitive operating panels that enable even the least experienced operator to easily manage the various processing parameters. Maintenance is equally simple, thanks to engineering solutions such as couplings in the hoses designed to facilitate quick releases and fittings and removable ramps equipped with Quick Lock nozzles.

Quiet operation and energy efficiency

A hallmark of Bovone washing machines is their quiet operation. The blades of the air knives are designed to optimize aerodynamics, improving air leakage and significantly reducing the noise generated during operation.

High integrability in any processing line

Bovone’s vertical glass washing machines can be easily integrated into any type of flat glass processing line. This makes Bovone machines particularly versatile and adaptable to different production contexts.

BVR by Bovone: robustness and performance for every need

Bovone’s BVR vertical washing machines are an example of excellence in their category. Made entirely of stainless steel, they are capable of washing and drying sheets with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 30 mm and heights up to 3,300 mm. Their structure includes a movable front case to adapt to different glass thicknesses. The washing stage includes prewash, wash and rinse, with removable ramps and Quick Lock nozzles for simplified maintenance. Cylindrical brush interiors are designed to minimize steps and prevent contamination. The cold-water tank, with stainless steel filters and pump, is located at the rear of the machine for easy maintenance. Drying is handled by diagonally inclined air knives powered by a soundproof fan. The washing machine is equipped with an operator panel to manage processing parameters, with high-quality electromechanical components. Bovone washing machines are easily integrated into modular lines.

Advanced technical features and customizable options

Bovone’s BVR vertical washing machines offer a range of customizable options to suit different production needs. Washing machines can be equipped with options such as hot water tanks with armored electrical heating elements, and inspection lamps to check the output slabs.

BVR vertical glass washing machines from Bovone: a safe, high-performance investment

Choosing Bovone’s vertical washing machines for flat glass means opting for a technologically advanced, reliable, and highly customizable solution. The combination of robustness, performance, and easy integration into modular lines makes Bovone’s vertical washing machines for flat glass a safe, high-performance investment for any company in the glass industry.

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