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The Bovone series of vertical washing machines. Sturdiness, performance and high integration in complete lines.

Bovone’s BVR vertical washing machines, made entirely of stainless steel, wash and dry slabs with different thicknesses and heights up to 3,300 mm. The washing brushes and drying heads are positioned inside the machine body. The rear case is fixed while the front one can be movable to adapt to different glass thicknesses.

The washing phase consists of three phases: pre-wash, wash and rinse.

All ramps are removable and equipped with ‘Quick Lock’ nozzles to facilitate maintenance operations.

The internal sectors of the cylindrical brushes are designed and built to minimize the passages, thus avoiding contamination. The different washing sections are separate and have different drains.

The configuration of the large cold water tank, with filters and stainless steel pump, positioned on the rear of the machine, makes maintenance as easy as possible thanks to wheels and quick couplings for the cam lock type hoses and electric plug for the pump.

Drying takes place through diagonally inclined air knives and powered by a soundproof fan equipped with filters and adjustable distributor. The air knives are made of heavy gauge stainless steel with the lips machined to reduce noise and increase performance.

The inlet and outlet conveyors consist of conveyor rollers with racks. The frame is made of steel protected by two coats of epoxy paint. The sheet rests on motorized spindles covered with special anti-cut rubber.

The washing machine is equipped with an operator panel through which to manage the various processing parameters: the electromechanical components are of the highest quality. All Bovone washing machines integrate easily with other machines within modular lines.

Technical features

BVR 1.30,4÷770 x 500
(opt. 70 x 350)
BVR 1.60,4÷770 x 500
(opt. 70 x 350)
16003÷30 (opt.50)19÷2721
BVR 2.20,4÷770 x 500
(opt. 70 x 350)
22003÷30 (opt.50)21÷402 - 31
BVR 2.60,4÷770 x 500
(opt. 70 x 350)
BVR 3.30,4÷770 x 500
(opt. 70 x 350)

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THREE GOOD REASONS for choosing Bovone washing machines



Bovone washing machines are characterized by their exceptional solidity and durability: features that make them a trusted choice for operators.



The extreme capacity for integration with other machines makes them particularly appreciated within modular lines.



Like all Bovone machines, finishing quality is a fixed and essential point.


Because relying on Bovone technology means equipping your production with a reliable machine that can guarantee excellent performance.

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How to

Thanks to the internal control of each production phase and the use of the best raw materials and components, the highest quality and production standards are achieved.

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For What

The vast configuration potential of Bovone washing machines makes them highly integrable within any application type of flat glass processing plant.

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