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Bovone membro di AGWA

We are excited to announce that Bovone is officially a member of AGWA Australian Glass and Window Association, Australia’s leading association of more than 1,000 companies representing excellence among window manufacturers, glass processors, technology suppliers, and among service and raw material companies.

Membership in AGWA was finalized following a rigorous evaluation process by the association’s executive board and is contingent on the direct endorsment of at least two local companies already members, willing and enthusiastic from the outset to support Bovone’s candidacy. AGWA, which requires its members to adhere to a certain code of conduct and high standards of quality and integrity, has recognized in Bovone total compliance with these standards of excellence.

Membership with AGWA is yet another attestation that certifies the standing of Bovone, which, in this way, is confident of being able to open with the Australian market a privileged commercial channel that, in fact, has already produced its first fruits.

Stay tuned to find out the latest news related to this fast-growing market.

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