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In a world where precision and efficiency in glass production are crucial, Bovone consolidates its technological leadership with its BRS industrial robots for glass manufacturers. This robotic solution provides the international glass industry with the opportunity to truly breakthrough by offering an unprecedented upgrade in automation, speed and precision.

Robots for glass manufacturers in Europe and robots for glass manufacturers in the USA: Bovone’s expansion

The Bovone BRS, with its cutting-edge technology, is redefining the standards for glass manufacturers robots in both Europe and the US. Recently, Bovone filed an important patent in the U.S. (Patent No.: US 11565362 B2), further consolidating its presence in the U.S. market, already reinforced by the opening of its direct subsidiary Bovone NA. BRS is an excellent example of how industrial robots for glass manufacturers can transform the entire production process. With its straight line edging machines, vertical washing machine, and multi-axis anthropomorphic robots, the BRS system improves not only productivity but also safety and flexibility in glass processing operations. Major customers in the U.S. and Europe have already confirmed significant increases in production and reductions in lead times as a result of BRS implementation.

The following are the distinctive features of Bovone’s BRS industrial robots for glass manufacturers:

  • Automation: BRS reduces operator-machine interaction, increasing automation in the production process
  • Speed and efficiency: the system optimizes production, reducing costs and improving speed, resulting in an increase in overall production
  • Flexibility: able to handle various glass sizes and shapes, with rapid transition between different processing batches
  • Accuracy: uses advanced sensors and software for pinpoint accuracy in glass processing
  • Safety: minimizes risk to operators and material through reduced human-machine interaction and advanced safety features

Bovone: at the forefront of R&D in industrial robots for glass manufacturers technology

Continuous innovation is the key to success at Bovone. With the BRS, the company demonstrates its commitment to the pursuit of maximum satisfaction of the increasingly complex and diverse needs of a rapidly changing industry. The BRS system among industrial robots for glass manufacturers is more than just robotic automation: it is a promise of efficiency, quality, and progress that takes the glass industry into a new era of productivity and innovation.

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