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At this year’s Glasstec Bovone will exhibit at its booth C41 in Hall 16 of the Düsseldorf fairgrounds the BRS fully automated robotic system which integrates, inside a robotized station, two straight-line edging machines ELB Fully Automatic – an ELB 11/45 FA and an ELB 12 HS – a vertical washing machine, three anthropomorphic articulated multi-axis robots for the handling of the glass slabs and a dubbing device.

The robotic integration allows a considerable increase in productivity, with a reduction in costs and greater safety for the operator when handling large slabs.

BRS among the automated solutions for glass manufacturing available on the market today is gaining great approval: there are many companies in the world that have significantly increased their productivity thanks to BRS.

The use of robotic elements produced by companies rooted in the market increases the levels of safety and reliability, also in terms of after-sales assistance. Always with a view to safety and productivity, Bovone has created grippers with reduced weight and dimensions that allow to impact less on the load capacity of the robot, thus enhancing the performance in terms of speed (25% less) and energy saving during the processing of particularly heavy slabs.

BRS responds to Industry 4.0 protocols: the system, in fact, is equipped with fully connectable technology for traceability and self-adjustment of production parameters.

The synergy between robotic automation in handlings and the new fully automatic edging machine models by Bovone along with the productivity and superior washing and drying performance of vertical washing machine BVR allows great benefits for clients:

1. Increased automation of the production process with drastic reduction of operator-machine interaction to free production from the variable related to operator experience

2. Lower production costs, with reduced downtime and high quality repeated throughout the production cycle, standardizing the quality outcome of grinding and increasing production for the same amount of time

3. Increased flexibility with machines that can quickly switch from one batch to another due to simplified plant set-up steps

4. Reduction of production-related risks: by reducing operator-machine interaction, the chance of operator injury and the chance of glass damage is lower

Automation of production processes is the field where competitive success is played out today: BRS’ robotic automation of glass manufacturing takes companies’ production to a new level of productivity, giving a big boost to their competitiveness and sustaining it in the long term thanks to the reliability of the technologies and the competence and efficiency of the service.

The automation of the new ELB Fully Automatic range of edging machines is realized in three technical aspects:

1. AUTOMATIC COMPENSATION OF GRINDING WHEEL WEAR: no manual adjustment is necessary to manage the increase of the grinding wheels according to their wear degree
2. GRINDING WHEEL CHANGE WARNING: an acoustic and visual system warns the operator of the need to replace the grinding wheel
3. FAST WHEEL SETUP: thanks to the automatic adjustment of the spindle height, the grinding wheel change of the machine is easier and faster. At the right moment, the operator starts from the screen the procedure: the spindle, so, lowers automatically leaving the space to replace the wheel in a comfortable and easy way

Bovone’s team is available to provide any information, illustrating live the benefits generated by BRS.

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