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Our R&D department has worked to automate the grinding wheel adjustment processes, giving life to a new range of innovative grinders, which guarantee excellent performance both in the field of large productions rather than for more artisanal shops, fast, easy to use even for less skilled operators and able to settle to high quality levels of finishing.

The excellent quality of finish for which our machines are recognized worldwide is guaranteed throughout the process without the constant monitoring and adjustment of the grinding wheels by the operator in charge, releasing the production from his sensitivity, preparation and expertise.

In addition to the high quality finish of flat and inclined edge, to the continuous and high processing speed, to the high production standards, there is also the high degree of automation of the new range of Bovone grinding machines. This further upgrade affects three fundamental aspects of the process and generates important advantages for the end customer

1. Automatic wheel wear compensation

Automation of the management of the grinding wheel increase to compensate for wear during processing: the spindles, thanks to the motorized slides managed by the main software, automatically increase the position of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel position adjustment can be activated in three different ways: according to the linear meters of glass processed, according to the spindles absorption level, or according to a combination of these two parameters

2. Wheel change warning

When the grinding wheel reaches the end of its life, the acoustic and visual system warns the operator who can therefore avoid interrupting production to manually monitor the state of wear of the tool. The qualitative outcome of the production is freed from the subjectivity of the operator and depends entirely on the machine.

3. Quick wheel setup

Wheel replacement and set-up operations are easier and faster. Once the wheel replacement command has been started, the spindle automatically lowers, leaving the operator the space to replace the tool in a comfortable and easy way. Once the operation is complete, the grinding wheel is positioned on the useful quota in a completely automatic way, allowing the operator to start production again in drastically shorter times than the same manual procedure.

In addition, the software supplied with the machine contains a series of recipes that allow the operator to start production in a fast, simple and intuitive way, quickly switching from one batch to another.

The ELB series edging machines can be integrated into fully automated robotic systems, Bovone Robotic Systems, specifically designed for processing large slabs.


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