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Bovone has obtained a U.S. patent for BRS Bovone Robotic System, confirming its commitment to technological innovation, which has always been a founding pillar of the company.

The patent, identified as Patent No.: US 11565362 B2, was filed by Bovone in January 2023 after an application process started in 2016. Issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the patent gives Bovone the exclusive right to use and market the BRS Bovone Robotic System in the U.S. territory, where the company operates through its direct subsidiary Bovone NA.

BRS is a highly advanced integrated robotic solution for flat glass processing: the system integrates dedicated storage racks for the storage of sheets that are moved through anthropomorphic robotic arms that position them inside Bovone edging machines to carry out the various processing steps. The integration of the robots enables safe and precise handling of large slabs, helping to increase overall productivity. This innovative modular solution for flat glass processing can also integrate machines from other manufacturers and represents a major step forward in terms of productivity, precision and quality of the finished product, cost reduction and operational safety.

Bovone CEO Federica Bovone enthusiastically said, “There is no stronger engine than innovation to make a company grow: we are convinced of this here at Bovone. Our R&D department works passionately to find and implement new technologies all the time, thus contributing to the success of our customers. That’s why it fills me with pride to receive this patent in the U.S. for a robotic integration system that brings a considerable increase in productivity in our customers’ machining cycles.”

“With the patent in hand, Bovone is now uniquely positioned to take full advantage of BRS’s commercial potential in the U.S. market,” adds Doug Mangus, general manager of Bovone North America. This patent confirms Bovone’s pioneering vocation, consolidating its standing as a technological innovator. As such, the company will continue to dedicate itself to innovation and the development of advanced solutions to support the glass industry and meet the needs of customers worldwide.

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