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In the highly specialised world of glass processing, Bovone’s straight line edgers & bevellers continue to exemplify advanced technology and uncompromising quality, becoming the benchmark in the sector.

Straight-line edging machines ELB series from Bovone

Bovone’s ELB series straight-line edging machines are renowned for their ability to guarantee top edge quality, both flat and inclined, at high speeds. With their solid cast iron base and innovative construction solutions, these machines combine robustness and precision. Their intuitive software and wide range of models allow for a high degree of customization to meet specific production requirements. Furthermore, ELB edging machines can be integrated into Bovone Robotic Systems (BRS), further maximising production efficiency.

Bovone straight-line bevellers

Since 1974, when they were first introduced on the market, Bovone’s straight-line beveling machines have immediately set high standards in terms of quality and durability: they are famous for their reliability and ability to guarantee high-level finishes over time with minimum maintenance. Their construction quality goes hand in hand with a versatility and customization capacity that elevate the end customer’s productivity.

Integration and Innovation

Bovone’s ability to manage all production phases in-house allows direct control over quality and speed in the introduction of innovations and customization, especially in the glass straight line edgers & bevellers product category. This is particularly relevant in straight-line edging machines, where new wheel configurations designed together with BDT optimise production and improve the quality of the finish.

Automation and Quality

The automation of the recent Elb Fully Automatic range of grinding machines contributes significantly to increased productivity, while maintaining the high quality of the finished product.

Bovone’s straight line edgers & bevellers are outstanding examples of how advanced technology, build quality and innovation can come together to create state-of-the-art machinery for the glass industry. Bovone’s commitment to continuous research and development results in products that not only meet, but exceed market expectations, consolidating their position as industry leaders.

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