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The technological and performance levels of Bovone’s straight line edging machine for stone are derived from the deep-rooted experience Bovone has developed over more than 60 years of technological leadership in glass edge processing. In Bovone’s range of straight line edging machine for marble, granite, ceramics and tiles, we can see the same levels of excellence that Bovone guarantees in glass processing.

In particular, the Stonedge 11/45 model is the one that, among the other models of straight line edging machine for granite, marble, and the other natural stone materials or ceramic agglomerates, focuses very much on that target of customers looking for great savings in production optimization, without losing the level of processing quality for which Bovone machines are appreciated worldwide.

Stonedge 11/45 performs variable angle straight edge processing of miter and arrises in a single pass, grinding and polishing the edge with such quality that no additional manual steps are needed. This is how the focus on savings in production is turned on, for which Stonedge 11/45 stands out among other straight line edging machine for ceramic, marble, granite: when they leave the edger, the pieces in fact, are ready to be paired. This results in great savings in production costs and averts the risks inherent in piece handling.

The quality of the edge processing that is achieved with the grinding and polishing of Bovone’s straight line edging machine for tile, marble, granite and ceramic agglomerates is significantly higher than other technologies used in the stone industry for this type of processing, such as waterjet machines and edge polishers. The processing speed is also higher. This performance is the result of great care in the design and construction of the machine: the vertical grinding of a Bovone straight-line along with the great tightness of the front and rear tracks, and the solidity of the machine guaranteed by the use of the best raw materials – cast-iron basement – and the best components generate quality of finish, speed of execution and long-term reliability even in the most demanding productions.

Among straight line edging machine for stone, the Stonedge 11/45 stands out for its ability to meet the needs of saving and optimizing production costs and maintaining high quality standards of edge processing.

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