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In the field of stone processing, precision, finish quality and production efficiency are keys to a company’s success: Bovone’s vertical edging machines for stone represent a condensation of these characteristics.

Among the Bovone edging machines range, the Stonedge 15/45 Radius model stands out along with the Stonedge 15/45 flat edge straight line grinding machine, for its polishing quality, versatility and productivity performance, especially in the production of kitchen countertops.

Versatility and precision: Stonedge 15/45 Radius

Stonedge 15/45 Radius, a further upgrade of the premium Stonedge 15/45 model, with its ability to perform multiple machining operations simultaneously – variable angle edging and polishing, rear and front miters with the option of miter interruption, edge rounding and rear slab calibration – is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding kitchen top manufacturers. Bovone, in designing its vertical edge polishers for flat edges stone, listened carefully to the needs of those in the industry: with the Stonedge 15/45 Radius model, it not only aligns itself, with these needs, but also anticipates market trends. In this machine, attention to the quality of the finished product is combined with production efficiency that allows companies to optimize processing time and costs.

Advanced technology for fine machining

With a wheel configuration designed to optimize each step of machining, Bovone’s Stonedge 15/45 Radius model, in addition to being ideal for 45° edge machining functional for coupling by gluing, includes the innovative system for calibrating the thickness of the back of the slab. This element makes it possible to obtain a perfectly flat surface, which is particularly important for the visible sections of kitchen countertops. The two fixed grinding wheels dedicated to this function are the key to achieving a fine finish, in line with the high aesthetic standards demanded by design and decor. Bovone’s approach, which combines advanced technology and attention to detail, ensures a final product that excels both to the touch and to the eye.

How are Bovone’s quality standards achieved?

By using cast-iron bases, a peculiarity in the market, Bovone ensures unparalleled stability. The engineering of the front and rear tracks offers superior grip strength compared to competitors, while other cutting-edge solutions confirm the perfect balance between quality and durability.

In conclusion, Bovone’s Stonedge 15/45 Radius represents excellence in the vertical edging machines for stone industry. With its superior performance, attention to detail, and responsiveness to the specific needs of the kitchen countertop world, this machine is confirmed as a valuable investment for companies that want to stand out for quality and innovation and choose one of Bovone’s vertical edging machines for stone to ensure superior results, impeccable customer service, and the reliability for which Bovone is appreciated worldwide.

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